PageKey Solutions, LLC is a software company based in New Jersey. We write software and show others how to do the same. Please take a look at some of our apps on various mobile app stores, and consider subscribing to our newsletter at the Line-by-Line Code blog.

Line by Line Code

Line by Line Code is an educational tech blog focused on exploring computer science and engineering topics. Teach yourself s about Python, Operating Systems, Data Structures & Algorithms, and many more interesting topics.

Boom! Languages

Boom! Languages is a language learning app, first published on Android and iOS in March 2021. It aims to provide a full-featured language learning experience that everyone can enjoy, and if they would like, to contribute to making it better.

More to come

Our goal is to produce useful applications and educational material. As one project finishes, there is always another to come, whether we’re breaking down some of the technology we use or creating something entirely new.